Our Process


1. Concept. We begin with your ideas. From vague concepts to napkin sketches, there really are no plans too rudimentary. With careful attention to manufacturability, strength, & costs, we assist you in bringing your concepts to completion.

2. Requirements Gathering. Next we meet to discuss your project specifications. What materials will the part be constructed out of? What are it's main functions? In what quantities will the part be produced? What is our timeframe?
3. Project Quote. We use the information gathered in our meeting to provide you with an accurate quote.
4. Computer Aided Design. At this stage we bring the project to the computer to create the CAD/CAM models that will be used in the final  production of your part.
5. Simulation Testing. The CAD/CAM models allow us to perform pre-production simulation testing. This cuts costs by minimizing post-production revisions.
6.Prototyping. When cost effective we create fully functional prototypes to scale. The prototype is subjected to a final check for design flaws and last-minute improvements are made before larger production runs are ordered.
7. Production.  Our focus at this point is to provide production runs in a timely manor with attention to quality and durability.
8. Assembly. Assembly can involve combining multiple parts or can be as simple as packaging parts with appropriate documentation and instructions.
9.  Shipping. We can ship your products to you or directly to your customers under your business name.








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